Buzzards – TTT – WTRL 64 Race report

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Buzzards TTT – Vienna Zone 7

Buzzards continued to mix it up this week as some are opting to stretch their wings in the Northern Hemisphere sunshine. The core group of

Isabelle Goupil


Debbie Woods-Turner


Angela Cigana

and myself was joined by new team member

Trudy Marquardt

and visiting Penguin

Morgan Aldridge

. We lost

Brittney Litton

at the last minute – after 104 days in a row of Zwifting, she was starting to feel it – and wisely opted for at least half a day of rest. Fortunately,

Valery Ramirez

was able to join us on Discord as team car/ photographer/ cheerleader/ timekeeper.

We knew this would be a long one so we paced ourselves, eventually settling into a rotation on the flats, with the goal of all staying together through Titans Grove. It worked smoothly on the first pass through, with Valery coaching us through catching and passing another team on the rollers as they fell apart. Always nice to see confirmation that sticking together pays off in speed!
Trudy overcame her nerves to prove herself – taking more than her fair share of strong pulls through the desert, and we kept the pace up back to the rollers. Angela started feeling her asthma come on the second QOM so wisely dropped back, leaving the remaining five to power up those last hills and sprint to the line for a time of 1:06.45, good enough for a top 20 finish.
While we dropped a few places, it looks like that’s mostly because there are more new Vienna teams every week, and I won’t complain about that! Great to see so many strong women taking on this fun challenge. Many thanks to organizers and the Penguins for loaning us Morgan this week, for extra watts and fun!
Thomas De Vos