Emus – TTT – WTRL 65 Race report

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Cryo-Gen WTRL Team Time Trial Latte Emus

On London 2 Laps of Greater London Flat
“Premier League”
With almost the same team that got us into the Premier League we had a strong team of 8 riders. We lost

Peter Downs for this event so we aimed to try to stay in the PL for him.The Emus were again decorated with black socks!
Tim Simpkins was down to for us.
We even got a nice profile thanks to Alan Glendinning / Jamie Bishop
This weeks Premier League “Emus” were:
  • Matthew Hermann
  • Duncan Farley
  • Meinte Martijn Vd Schaaf
  • Philip Rowe
  • Julia Hargreaves
  • Stuart Hawkins
  • Geoffrey Dutton
  • Tim Simpkins
The route was the Greater London Flat circuit which is mainly flat, with a couple of small bumps. The TT was about keeping a high speed and trying to keep the eight of us together in a straight line.
Our start time was +1 which meant we would be the leaders in the Latte premier League for a couple of minutes, but we were worried about teams passing us.
Unfortunately we lost Tim Simpkins before the event, so we were down to 7.
We had no other technical issues and made a fantastic start getting off the line together well. We managed to establish a nice clean TT line after a few minutes of settling down and took turns on the front for about a 1/2 minute or so.
Before the race we expected to do quite well as a strong Team. The plan was to be high paced and keeping together which I think we achieved really well and taking turns on the front. We aimed for about 41 kph average.
Some great turns by all on the front, and some strong individual efforts leading the pack. We quickly could see that we were staying marginally ahead of Zsun so we wouldn’t be 13th out of 13 in the PL entries.
Looking at all the stats we were again 2nd in the Cryo Latte group. It becomes clear that somehow we again produced an amazing ride possibly squeezing into the Premier League! We were only 6 seconds off 10th place (Again) and 16 seconds behind the Ospreys.
We actually beat 3 PL entries but unfortunately, 4 new teams crept into the top entries.
Lap times at 16:54 and 16:47 – just a tiny bit over 41 kph average for the first time again. We were neck and neck with the Ospreys at 6,14 and 22Km losing time near the end. Looks like we need to try to not fade as much or increase the pace somewhere over the last 5km or so, but difficult when you are drained.
Captain Duncan Farley did a great job today, nice and easy ride just keeping the comms going and no passing to deal with.
I believe a few of us were near our highest stats ever!! On personal note I broke the 3.0W/Kg barrier average for the first time and I know

Julia Hargreaves was close to beating some of her own records.
Looking forward to another possible PL race next week!
Go Mob