Esports World Championships

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Team CRYO-GEN / CRYO RDT are thrilled and super proud with the announcement from the Danish Cycling Federation that one of our  members Marie-Louise Hartz has been chosen to represent Denmark in the first ever Cycling Esports World Championships on 9th December 2020.

Congratulations Marie-Louise 🥳🤩

The UCI and Zwift are thrilled to be able to jointly unveil the plans for the first ever Cycling Esports World Championships.
The event will be staged in December 2020, and will take place virtually, on the Zwift platform, within Watopia, the world’s biggest virtual cycling destination. Both men’s and women’s races will take place on identical courses, over equal distances and for equal prize money. Participants will be competing entirely remotely from their own residences or training bases, and the event will be broadcast around the world. The winners will receive a newly designed Esports World Champion rainbow jersey and the prestige of being crowned the first Cycling Esports World Champion.
Team Cryogen