Gulls – TTT – WTRL 64 Race report

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Gulls TTT report – Sand and Sequoias x2
After our first ride as a team last week it was all change this week as the Gulls stepped up to the Espresso class.

Old hands Vincent Davis and Lee Cookson remained, and in stepped some additional big hitters with

Darren Reddick , and first time TTT riders Ashley Oldfield and Tom Cassidy.
I was myself nervous, as a lower-ranked A rider, having to try and hold onto A+, and close to A+ riders.
No technical issues this week, unlike other teams, which was a good start. We started off with a good steady pace with some long pulls from Vincent, Tom [344 watts for 20 minutes!] and Darren powering us along nicely. Lots of heavy breathing first time up Titans Grove but we remained together.
Second lap was unsurprisingly a bit more scrappy, where I failed to contribute much. You wouldn’t have known Ashley and Tom were new to this as they kept going like seasoned team members.
Again we held it together up Titans Grove and on to the finish. We came in 37th out of 82 in Espresso, so not a bad result. No doubt some more speed to come with further rides.
Vincent live feed
Thomas De Vos