Gulls – TTT – WTRL 66 Race report

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Gulls TTT Ride Report – Innsbruck Ring x2
Carrying over from last week we had
  • Vincent Davis
  • Ashley Oldfield
  • Alex Harris
  • Ryan Fiege
Team management, however, decided they were going to escalate things this week, and in came two massive engines.
Jack Polley “The Hammer”, a regular member of the Vultures and part of Cryo RDT, plus 6ft 4″ (193cm)
Nate Fulcher.
So on the start line we had a truly international squad, with riders connecting from the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. We started off at a relatively steady pace as the team found it’s feet before our power riders of Jack, Nate and Ryan came into their own and began putting down some big watts.
We held it together nicely up the first Leg Snapper, with the lighter riders trying to lead the team-up. From then on we managed to find a good rhythm, with Jack seemingly never out of breath on discord as he volunteered himself up for more pulls on the front.
Second and third leg snappers came and went with each proving more of a struggle to keep the team well structured over the top. Over the last few kilometres, each rider managed to contribute and Jack led us in, with me struggling to hold the wheel.
The final time of 35:41, left us 19th out of 70, and 1:25 off the Vultures. Shout out to Nate for hitting a normalised of 416w!
Certainly, a better balance to the team this week, gaining a result we were pretty pleased with. The tougher course scheduled for next week should be a good test of our progress.