Owls – TTT – WTRL 66 Race report

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Owls TTT report – Innsbruckring 3 laps – Time 43:34

  • Heidi Earp
  • Andy Hopkins
  • Kirsten Storm
  • Sarah Mimnagh
  • Sandy Power
  • Daniel King
  • Andy Lintern
This was the second time we had ever lined up as a Latte team and a very warm welcome to the new Team member, not only for Owls, but Cryo-Gen Pirate  Daniel King.
Banter is always high in the owls camp throughout the week, leading up to TTT Thursdays (also known as Owls Day) and we were really pleased that  Andy Hopkins agreed to ride with us again this week. Now we aren’t your typical Latte team composition, 1B and 6Cs, which brought our which brought are Parliament to a full 7 members which we were all very excited about. As we are known for, The Cryo-Gen Owls squad are born with the hearts of lions and let me tell you, we will always keep this notion soaring high.
Technology is NOT always our friend and Andy Lintern, was the victim again of no comms. We at least had Sarah Mimnagh on the right bike this week and  Daniel King got sorted out with discord in the nick of time before the race.
We were all hooting to get going as the banter and laughter was high on discord, we even had a superb 3 minute wait, which from my side of the world, was most welcoming.
We pulled hard from the start, hitting the course of Innsbruckring, for 3 rounds. With our 2 Andy’s leading the way, it was full-on from the start and due to the undulating terrain, caused a few difficulties getting a good line but we continued to push and  Daniel King made his debut on the front, keeping a well and controlled pace. All was good and well, until THAT hill, or as I like to call it, the bump in the road (you also know when ZP calls it the leg snapper, it’s going to bite). This is where we split, but nearing the sprint banner, we were all together again, catching our breath and keeping those peddles turning. Lap 2 came and before we knew it, THAT hill again. We split for the second time and this is where our Captain Heidi Earp needed to make the call, of leaving the others behind (which is not the Owl way of doing TTTs). 

Andy Hopkins waited for the other 3 and tried to pull them back, but he received his gliding orders to return to the front, so that the 4 riders can get a good time for the Team. Lap 3 and by the time we reached THAT hill, here was
Andy Hopkins leisurely sailing past us, as he really showed his well-earned B cat status.
We continued down the course and the last 300m was a full on, soaring sprint for the line.
The good news for Owls this week, we had 2 FTP increases🥳 and 7 very plucked up, feathers ruffled and tired Owls, on a job well done!👊 Oh and we beat 40 Teams… 1 more than our advertised 2 from last week’s report😁
On Heidi’s behalf, thank you owls for an amazing performance – you smashed it and we are already looking forward to next week’s course and improving our lines.
Owls day can’t come soon enough, where we come together from all over the globe, in different time zones, have one heck of a good time, whilst doing the thing we LOVE to do… Ride our bikes with our Teamies😁💪😍🦉.
Thank you Alan Glendinning and all the others in organising the Cryo-Gen teams and thanks also to WTRL for hosting this awesome event.
Until next week… “Hoot Out” from the Owls Camp