Penguins – TTT – WTRL 65 Race report

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Penguins TTT Ride Report
Tonight the Penguins didn’t have their usual complement of riders.
Three regulars, Alek Czernobil, Eric Kangas and Kelly Bigliazzi , along with Kurt A Watson who is often shared between the Penguins and the Roadrunners, and two interlopers, Ryan Nickerson and Myself made up the squad.
Things didn’t look like they were getting off to a good start when Kelly couldn’t get her trainer to connect and it looked like the Penguins were going to be down a rider before the event even started. With Alek making suggestions in the Penguin chat, Kelly eventually rebooted her PC and successfully connected with less than a minute to spare.
After watching the Roadrunners make a complete mess of their start 😲, we managed to get out of the gate in reasonably good order. We had a rotation order all planned, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men… We did get a nice looking paceline going but as far as establishing an order for that rotation, well that didn’t work quite as well as the planning had us believe it might 😆. Non-the-less, our communication was good and we were able to sort out our early rotation issues and establish an effective paceline based more on how each of us felt than any particular order, with each member of the team taking multiple pulls. Everyone rode well, and with no one ever at any risk of being dropped, we made good time, making up ground on the Roadrunners and opening up the time to the team behind us. After passing the Roadrunners we saw that we were also making up time on the team that started two minutes ahead of us. One of our early objectives was to stay ahead of Deadpool and his TFC squad. We managed this easily and never saw them on the rider list sidebar.
With a little less than 5 KM to go the team started discussing the sprint. My thought was: “What sprint? You have something left to sprint with?” So, knowing that I wasn’t going to be much help in a sprint, with about 1 K to go I went to the front to take a long pull, figuring those that could sprint would be better able to do so if given a launch. Kurt started the sprint for the line and then Ryan Nickerson managed 14.7 WKG 😲 and came flying around us. Kelly also put in a massive effort to cross the line third. We all finished together in what I believe was a very respectable time. My thanks to all members of the team for a very enjoyable evening and a fun race!
Here is the link to the event video which I started late and stopped late (sorry).
Thomas De Vos