Ravens – TTT – WTRL 66 Race report

By in Ravens, Team Time Trial
  • Michael Holla Kehoe (Team Captain)
  • Tim Glasby
  • Paul Smith
  • Vera Bacon
  • Tam Burns
  • Robert Barrett
  • Sandy Power (Team Car)
Thanks for another great race Team RAVENS. This race for me tonight was particularly special for a number of reasons.
  1. I managed to get 3 PR’s
  2. I arrived home at the finish with the team
  3. We had the best team car in the voice of Sandy Power.
The race started as usual under the very watchful eye of Michael (The Viking) making sure the pace from the pen was steady and controlled and not too high that we would drop riders from the start.
As we eased out the pen Michael counted us all out and into the group. Once we were accounted for the pace increased but not to the extent that we would really struggle on the last lap.
Throughout the first 2 laps we kept a steady pace as we had started. Michael ensured on the climbs we remained focused and balanced with regards to power and consideration for others in the squad.
Easing on the climbs, coasting on part of the descents then powering on again for the flats. This was for me and I hope for others a well managed ride with consideration for all.
I knew the final climb would be a dig deep and for me as deep as I could go but with the voice of  Sandy ringing in my ear I knew there would be no let up in her voice and there was no way she would let me slack or fade too much on this final climb.
I think the team wanted me at the finish line more than I did and for that reason I was not going to let them or myself down.
I have to thank every rider tonight for the genuine support to all and for Michael‘s leadership which was outstanding as per usual.

Well done all
Author: Tam Burns