Swans’s – TTT – WTRL 65 Race report

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Swans’s TTT team report – Greater London Flat (2 laps)
Before the race started we knew that this was a very short and fast course. The course record was around 39:40 minutes which was meant to be broken – sadly not by us 😉
This week we had 7 swans at the start line that were again dressed from the waist down as roseate spoonbill’s (our “lucky” pink socks). Missing the podium last week by just 5 seconds, we were hungry for one of the top three spots. Therefore we set out to test our luck with the pink socks again.
As expected the race started as a very quick Tango at around 180 bpm. We started strong with a good rhythm at the front. In the first lap we flew above rather than dance on the dance floor reaching a max speed of 55.4 km/h. When Alan announced that we were in second place there was nothing else to do other than give it all in the second lap.
This lap became a matter of life and death. The swans beauty was too much for another team who decided they wanted to dance with us with about 8 kilometres to go. This Tango turned out to be a very hot dance battle. So hot that one swan did not make it out alive. But the other six swans pulled together and gave everything they had.
The CRYO-GEN Swans were able to finish with an average speed of 43.02 km/h and a 2 second lead over WonderWomen. What an unbelievable hot battle and a well deserved third place!🦢🦢🦢🥉