Terns – TTT – WTRL 65 Race report

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WTRL TTT Greater London Flat – 2 Laps CRYO-GEN Terns Race report
This weeks Terns:
  • Sam Greenhalgh – El Captain
  • Alex Clare
  • Tom Mansfield
  • Tom Burgess
  • Mike Taylor – absent at last minute
  • Joel Moore
  • Duncan Bruce
  • Douglas MacRae
This week the team was filled with confidence with 8 riders in the line-up.
A last-minute emergency meant that Mike was unable to start, but 7 was still better than the 6 we had been racing with.
The profile of the course looked great and was going to favour our heavier riders at the front, and with only 2.5 minutes of waiting, we were all itching to get going, especially as Alex had no issues with his trainer to report!!!
The countdown began and then we were off.
Bedlam would be an understatement.
The plan was to get out the gates hard. Mostly we did that and within a minute we had caught the Hawks, but something was up. Where were Alex and Sam?
Somehow they had started in a different pen and were sat 20seconds behind??? The call was made to wait and we slowed in the hope of regathering the team.
It took longer than we would like and we spread ourselves thin which didn’t aid in the corralling the team, as we had to be careful of flying past someone and putting them under the strain of playing catch up. We had almost completed all of the lead-in before we started to get into our rhythm.
The pressure was on.
Big pushes at the front, trying to hold 47kmph on the flats, it was going to be tough.
Very little talking went on, just a few words of motivation and encouragement here and there.
3km to go – The little ninja Joel broke off the front without anyone noticing! He claims he couldn’t see straight and his power readings were blocking his view of the distance people were behind him. At least he may have given his all.
39:26 – it was good, but didn’t look like it was good enough. Although frustrated with the start, we were happy with the effort that was put in. Hopefully next week the results will show that effort
Thomas De Vos