TTT – WTRL 64 – Results

TTT – WTRL 64 – Results
July 10, 2020 Team Cryogen

WTRL TTT Results 09 July 2020

Results still indicate on WTRL website as provisional although FB pages would appear to indicate only final checks required 3 hours ago.

This week we had a total of 22 teams scheduled to take part.
This meant over 150 riders signing up and a total of 140 included in the final results.

Congratulations to the:

Vultures 2nd in Espresso 👏💪 and securing our first podium in the elite division 🥈🥳🥳🥳😍

Swans 4th in Vienna 👏💪
Wrens 9th in Vienna 👏💪
Ospreys in 11th in Latte 👏💪

Vultures, Swans ,Wrens & Ospreys all should have an invite to the Premier League next week 🤩🥳👏👏 based on top 11 finishes.

Also mention to
Crows 12th in Frappe in first outing 👏💪
Emus 13th in Latte 👏💪

If WTRL continue to provide top 13 places in Latte with Premier League places then Emus should be invited also 🙏 🤩🥳👏👏.

We will hope for a wildcard for the Crows with a fantastic performance on their first outing just missing out on top 11 in Frappe required ¹to guarantee Premier League qualification👏👏 🙏

Full breakdown of results can be found at WTRL website.

Well done and thanks to everyone who took part. 👏👏.

The sign up form for next week’s race is now available 😀

Team Cryogen


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