Wrens – TTT – WTRL 64 Race report

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Wrens TTT Sand and Sequoias – Nicked Socks

You all remember the Wrens’ powerful pink socks performance last week? Well, it turns out that one should be cautious with bragging on social media, as our socks got nicked!! Yup, out of nowhere, off our feet. Not much evidence was found at the scene of crime: no finger- or footprints, just some large white feathers, as if the culprit had swept down from the sky and grabbed our beloved socks…

So with

Morgan Aldridge added to the Wrens, further consisting of  Kerry PaulHeidi PoppeKaren Loomis, Michelle Van Dyk, Brittney Litton, Heather Neill and myself, we decided to not let this wear us down, raised our heads and faced the issue: new socks were to be worn! Blue, with pink stripes!

Uplifted and with a cheerful attitude, the team hit a good start, taking equally powerful turns on the flat. The real test, the rollers, didn’t make a dent in our formation, and so the magnificent 8 continued unfazed towards lap two. By now captain Kerry’s belief in her blue ballistic socks made her superpowers return and again we were flying! Eventually, exhaustion did pop up and one Wren dropped back slightly, but the other seven continued pushing for a second time over the rollers to finish 9th place (to be verified) in this premier league race! Hooray!!

Did we need our pink socks? No! The feathery thieves can keep them 😜 — rumour has it that they must believe in the power of their pink socks a touch more to make that PL podium next week…😘🦢 But for us, blue will do!

Thomas De Vos