Wrens’ – TTT – WTRL 65 Race report

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Wrens’ TTT Greater London Flat – Lost feathers

The elated feeling of flying high has come to an end: Yesterday the Wrens took a hammering.

Due to power rationing and health priorities, our herd of 8 birdies had dwindled down to 6: new bird Sophie (Yogour), as well as Heather, Brittney, Heidi, Morgan and myself, sadly leaving behind Karen and Michelle.

With hopes still high, our reduced team hit a good start and solid watts, but unfortunately, we lost an exhausted Wren early in the race. Now with only 5 of us left, we managed to take equal turns and the race progressed well. We got a big plucking of feathers though when we were overtaken by another team. Just at that moment, the other team seemed to drop in speed, and we had to fully get off our pedals to allow them their non-drafting distance. Here we probably lost most of our dearly needed seconds…

On lap 2 our steady high wattage turns at the front became increasingly shorter and now our focus was aimed at not being overtaken by some feathery white fluffed team 🦢🤩 in pink socks, which was flying down this course. The five of us managed to reach the finish line, exhausted and not having been overtaken yet another time. With good chatter and laughter in our post-race chat we could sense that we had lost some feathers, but at least our spirits were still high.

A 13th place is just short of a PL place, but a good reason for us to work even harder next time. Watch this space! 🚴‍♀️

Thomas De Vos