Race Categories

Our Race Categories


Team CRYO-GEN is proud of its reputation of being strong across all racing categories – Mixed Categories A – D and Ladies Racing – Category E

Each of these Categories has its own Facebook Messenger chat group and discord Channel.

Details of each category can be found below with details of  Team Captains.

What is my category?

Use Zwiftpower

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Category enforcement information can be found on here

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All About Category Enforcement on Zwift

Different Categories in different races

Some races use the Zwift Power categories as a standard, category enforcement will only allow you to pick a race category at your standard.

Some races use the ZwiftRacing.app categorisation, this uses amixture of your category, your stats and your race results

Some races use results only (rankings), and some races have split categories i.e. C and C+

  • Cat A+: 4.60 wkg and above FTP.
  • Cat A: 4.00 wkg up to 4.59 wkg FTP.
  • Cat B+: 3.60 wkg up to 3.99 wkg FTP.
  • Cat B: 3.20 wkg up to 3.59 wkg FTP.
  • Cat C+: 2.85 wkg up to 3.19 wkg FTP.
  • Cat C: 2.50 wkg up to 2.84 wkg FTP.
  • Cat D+: 2.00 wkg up to 2.49 wkg FTP.
  • Cat D: 1.99 wkg and below FTP.

A Category

Nickname – Super A

Our Elite Category Riders, these guys and girls are way too cool and busy training to pick a theme. We decided to just refer to them as Super A. Packed with talent and big power numbers . Don’t get in their way when they’re racing, the results won’t be pretty 🙂


Super A  FB Messenger Group

B Category

Nickname: Battling B

Also known as We ArE tHe KnIgHtS wHo SaY B!, The knights are extremely well organised and very competitive when it comes to Race Series. Be prepared for very technical  and in depth chatter about the merits of frame and wheels for particular courses in their FB Messenger group. These folks leave nothing to chance.


Battling B  FB Messenger Group

C Category

Nickname: Cryo-Bean

Also known as the Pirates Of The Cryo-Bean. These pirates are accustomed to winning and regularly top the league tables on both sides of the Atlantic in team and individual series. But a word of warning nothing comes between them, their treasure and their rum.  


Cryo-Bean FB Messenger Group

D Category

Nickname: Delta Rangers

Also known as the Delta Rangers. This platoon takes no prisoners. Legendary and feared in the world of Zwift having been featured in FB articles for their tactics and strength. Members of Delta Rangers have an annoying habit of being so good we cant’t keep them there long as they keep getting promoted. A constant supply of new recruits is always required from the Training Barracks.  


Delta Rangers FB Messenger Group

Ladies Racing – E Category

Nickname: Vienna

Cat E is regularly used as a female only racing category. Vienna is the place for chat about specific females race events and series. Open to all sexes but mostly where the guys fear to tread ( well except the brave ones 🙂 ) .


Vienna FB Messenger Group