CRYO-GEN Team Time Trial (TTT)

Team Time Trial

🚴‍♂️ WTRL Team Time Trial – A fun, yet brutal form of team racing on Zwift! 🚴‍♀️

CRYO-GEN a team spread across the globe, cycling 24/7 on Zwift. Join us today!

WTRL Team Time Trial

Welcome to the most addictive, fun yet brutal form of racing on Zwift!

Not only do you get to race with your teammates for the fastest possible time, but you have to work and suffer together to achieve this.

WTRL Team Time Trials take place on Zwift at 9 different race times every Thursday and CRYO-GEN regularly has over 150 riders taking part. These riders are allocated to mixed teams ( as many as 26 )  classified in a unique Coffee Classification: Espresso, Frappe, Latte, Mocha and a dedicated ladies-teams-only league Vienna. The objective is to get the fastest 4 (for teams of 5 to 8 racers) or the fastest 3 (for teams of 3 or 4 racers) across the line.

Our TTT Teams are now managed through our Discord Racing Server.

The sign-up form for the TTT can be accessed by clicking on the following Link. Accessible from Friday through to Sunday each week.

Once finalized, teams will be available to view by clicking on the button below – Normally available Tues – Thur of  each week.


TTT Rules and expectations Click Here

  1. Friday: Weekly registration form added to Discord and Messenger groups for the next week’s race
  2. Sunday 18:00 GMT: Deadline for rider submission and no further registrations will be accepted
  3. Monday: TTT Admin will post the completed and formed team sheet
  4. Tuesday: Team Captains assume responsibility for their teams
  5. Wednesday 19:00 GMT: Deadline for all Team Captains to register their teams on the WTRL website
  6. Thursday: Race Day!



Registration link (open Thu- REGISTRATION closes weekly on SUN/MON 18:00 GMT): https://cryogen. Team/TeamReg

Once teams are out, The Team Selection List (Tue-Fri):

Coffee Classes

WTRL Team Time Trials take place on Zwift at 28 different race times every Thursday and CRYO-GEN regularly has over 300 to 400 teams of 4 to 8 riders taking part.
These riders are classified in a unique Coffee Classification: Doppio, Espresso, Frappe, Latte, Mocha and dedicated ladies-teams-only league Vienna-Espresso, Vienna-Frappe, Vienna-Latte and Vienna

The objective is to get the fastest 4 (for teams of 5 to 8 racers) or the fastest 3 (for teams of 3 or 4 racers) across the finishing line

  • Teams can consist of 3 to 8 members.
  • WTRL encourages teams of mixed Zwift category riders.
  • Mixed Gender and Women’s Only (Vienna) categories.
  • WTRL TTT uses Zwift’s category system as per Zwift Category Enforcement.
  • Use the WTRL TTT Coffee Class grid image to work out your Coffee Class.
  • If the team that races on the day works out to be above or below, WTRL automatically re-classify the teams Coffee Class in the results.
    There are no DQs for changes in Coffee Classes or categories.

Bike and Kit Selection

Riders may use ANY equipment available from their garage. There are no restrictions on the use of bikes, wheels, sunglasses or socks.

You may find it advantageous for your whole team to wear the same kit but this is not a requirement.

ALL bikes give and receive draft to and from surrounding riders – including TT bikes.

For flat courses, TT Bikes may provide the fastest option and road bikes may be better suited for rolling or hilly circuits. You may even find bike swaps are advantageous on some courses (think Out & Back Again).

WTRL Start System

Start System is based on the Time Trial travelator

A start time slot is selected at registration.

Riders must join the pen before their chosen Start Time (these always show in the riders local time on our website.
Upon joining the paddock, each team member is placed on the same row
Team members are gradually moved along the conveyor system towards the start banner as each team is released.
There is a count down on the banner for each team’s departure time and the count down at the top of your chat window always counts down to your teams start time.
When you reach the front of the grid, a series of beeps will start counting down when there is 10 seconds remaining.

When the beeps complete and the timer hits 0:00, your whole team will be released on to the course.


Drafting from riders other than your own TTT team is strictly prohibited. When a team passes another team BOTH teams are expected to change their riding styles.

The Team being passed is expected to ease off on their power/speed once they know they are being overtaken. Do not fight them as they have made up a significant time difference to catch you up.

The Team making the pass is expected to significantly increase their power as soon as they are near or in the draft of the team they are overtaking and maintain this power to create a significant lead. Remember teams are watching whats in front and not necessarily behind them. A friendly on-screen message of ‘team approaching’ can help.

By creating a significant W/Kg difference between teams, riders can avoid a sticky draft when passing – a dynamic game feature of Zwift. You may encounter dropped riders from time to time and they should not “join” your team or interfere in your TTT formation in any way. Please ensure you provide at least 3 warnings via on-screen/direct messages to any interfering team/rider and if they do not back off, please contact WTRL Race Control after the race to report them. Many teams are streaming or recording their rides and we are watching too.

CRYO-GEN WTRL TTT History / Now / Future

CRYO-GEN has a fantastic record in the WTRL TTT with many class wins to its name.
We regularly have teams in the top ten of classes, but the main thing is that everybody enjoys it.
We have some fantastic team captains and riders, who will do anything to keep the team numbers up and push their teams to the limit.

Team CRYO-GEN would like to thank Steven and Martin at WTRL for hosting such a fantastic event each week