Useful Information

Useful information for new members


Below is some information which is particularly use for new members.

If there is other info which you as a new member think would be particularly useful to be included here,  then please free to message us via our contact page.

Contact Us

Chat Groups:

You will shortly be welcomed aboard by your group Captain and added to your relevant chat group (FB messenger group).

We have a chat group set up for each category to help communicate race tactics and general banter – D are Delta troop, C are Pirates, B are Knights of B, and A/A+ are our Allstars.

Race Categories

Team Tag:

Would you kindly add CRYO-GEN to your name tag eg. DClarkson (CRYO-GEN) This makes it easier to see you’re a team mate amongst a group of riders. Tags can be added in Zwift profile settings.


Training Social rides:

Weekly Summary: Monday two events one at 11:00 GMT (E pace) and another at 18:05 GMT (banded) (both 60min), Tuesday one 60min event (interval Training at C pace) at 11:00 GMT, Wednesday one 60min event at 18:05 GMT, Thursday one 60min event (Tempo Training, with two subgroups C & D pace) at 11:00 GMT, Friday one 60min event (D pace) at 11:00 GMT and finally Sunday at 11:00 GMT one 90min event (Endurance Training, with two subgroups C & D pace).

Team Events



The team use the Discord app to communicate with each other in events. This is really helpful in team racing but also adds an interesting social aspect to the group riding. The Discord app is available to download for free in the App Store. Once downloaded, please ask in your group or on the FB page for an invite to the Cryo-Gen Discord link, or for our Social Group rides we also have an open Discord channel and the link for that is embedded in the Companion App. Most team members have the app on their smart phone and use it with earphones.
When you start to ride with the team, following other team members via the Zwift Companion app makes it easier to invite you to the meet up rides and keeps you in touch with what other members are doing.

Discord Server 1 (Race/Group) Discord Server 2 (TTT)



WTRL Team Time Trial – TTT Results Beta – WTRL

DIRT Series – Team Classification » DIRT Racing Series

FRR Series – Flamme Rouge Racing


Any questions then please just ask in either your chat group or main FB page. If it’s more specific and relates to something that may not be generally answered then please tag one of the admins as listed below.


Team Kit:

We have our own team kit on the platform which is issued by Zwift, until such time you are allocated this in your wardrobe you might like to represent the team wearing our previous kit so you are easily recognised As a Cryo-Gen rider, if you google Zwift jerseys and input TDP2015 you should receive the Tour de Pier kit which only Cryo-Gen have the code so it is still exclusive to us as a team.

Zwift Team Kit


Our Team

TEAM CRYO-GEN Management

Dave Clarkson

Heidi Earp

Jim Weisert

Kevin Brock

Matthew Herman

Chris Butters

Stephen Brown

Roxanne Timmins

Rick Bowman


TEAM CRYO-GEN Community Support

Alan Glendinning- Cryo-RDT Manager

Kevin Brock  – Run Squad Coordinator

Ray Ruyack – Social Ride Group Manager

Ant Nicholson – Discord Manager

Morgan Aldridge – Team Kit Store Admin

Meinte Martijin Vd Schaaf – Race Team Admin

Matthew Hermann – Race Team Admin

Thomas De Vos  – Website Design

Cat A Captains & Admin
Jonathan Gregson & Brian Domecus

Cat B Captains & Admin
Simon Aldridge & Morgan Aldridge

Cat C Captains & Admin
Mathieu Blais & James Berry

Cat D Captains & Admin
TBA & Eric Wuttke

Cat E Captains & Admin
Nikki Croft Katy Toms